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Ameer Hamza
Amin Ahsan Islahi
Asif Iftikhar
Dr Farhad Shafti
Dr Khalid Zaheer
Dr. Junaid Hassan
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Javed Ahmad Ghamidi
Jhangeer Hanif
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Khalid Masud
Moiz Amjad
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Rehan Ahmad
Saadia Malik
Siddiq Bukhary
Tariq Haashmi
Yoginder Sikand
Qur'anic Exegesis
- Sūrah Fātihah   (October 2000)
- Corruption in the Bible: The Muslim Stance   (August 1998)
- Reason and Revelation   (April 1991)
Hadith & Sunnah
- Two Blows Allowed to the Hellfire   (January 2014)
- The Real Criterion in Prohibition of Drinks   (September 2013)
- Praying for the Prophet (sws) after Adhan   (January 2013)
- A Narrative regarding Man’s Potential of Goodness after Accepting Islam   (May 2012)
- A Narrative about the Prophet’s Directive regarding the Appropriate Clothing for Women   (April 2012)
- The Prophet’s Warning about Chaotic Times   (February 2012)
- Qualities of Various Tribes and Nations   (December 2011)
- The Prophet’s Lack of Authority to Prohibit what God has kept Lawful   (October 2011)
- The Best of the Arabian Women   (September 2011)
- A Prediction regarding the Muslim Rules after the Prophet (sws)   (July 2011)
- Fulfilling the Vow of a Deceased Mother   (May 2011)
- Punishment for Apostates   (April 2011)
- The Prophet’s Time for Zuhr Prayers during Summers and Winters   (February 2011)
- Seasonal Variations in Prayer Timings   (January 2011)
- Urging People to Attend Congregational Prayers   (December 2010)
- The Deadline for Fajr and ‘Asr Prayers   (July 2010)
- A Comprehensive Directive in Islam   (June 2010)
- When one is Late in Joining the Congregational Prayers…   (May 2010)
- The Obligatory Religious Practices of Islam   (April 2010)
- Two Blows Allowed to the Hellfire   (March 2010)
- Praying for the Prophet (sws) after Adhan   (February 2010)
- The Prophet (sws) does not have the Authority to Prohibit what God has kept Lawful   (January 2010)
- Eating Garlic, Onion and Leek in Cooked Form   (December 2009)
- An Etiquette relating to Visiting the Mosque   (November 2009)
- True Muslim, Mu’min, Mujahid & Muhajir   (October 2009)
- The Time for the ‘Āsr Prayer   (July 2009)
- Urging People to Attend the Congregational Prayers   (June 2009)
- The Prophet’s Experience of Revelation   (May 2009)
- What should a Person say when he hears the Adhan?   (April 2009)
- Delaying Zuhr Prayer in Intense Heat   (March 2009)
- Ascertaining the Time-Range for each Prayer   (February 2009)
- True Muslim, Mu’min, Mujāhid & Muhājir   (January 2009)
- The Obligatory Religious Practices of Islam   (December 2008)
- The Real Criterion in Prohibition of Drinks   (October 2008)
- The Significance of Intention Behind Good Deeds   (June 2008)
Political Issues
- Rights of Non-Muslims   (October 1996)
- The Executive and The Judiciary   (September 1996)
- Training Members of the Parliament   (August 1996)
- An Important Principle for the Members of the Parliament   (June 1996)
- System of Elections   (April 1996)
- Organisation of the State   (March 1996)
- Standard of Living of those in Authority   (January 1996)
- The Right of Franchise in an Islamic State   (December 1995)
- Basic Obligations of an Islamic State   (November 1995)
- Interpretation of Islām at the State Level   (October 1995)
- Supremacy of the Qur’ān and Sunnah   (September 1995)
- What is the Punishment for Adultery?   (May 2002)
- Do the Errors in the Bible Disprove the Divinity of the Qur’ān?   (April 2002)
- Can Angels Disobey?   (February 2002)
- Solomon (sws) Listening to Ants   (December 2001)
- Could Allah have a Son?   (November 2001)
- The Position of Jesus (sws) in the Hereafter   (October 2001)
- Marrying the Wives of Adopted Sons   (September 2001)
- Who is the Father of Jesus (sws)?   (August 2001)
- Abrogation and the Unalterable Word of God   (July 2001)
- Will Christians enter Paradise or go to Hell?   (June 2001)
- Is the Qur’ān Clear or Incomprehensible?   (May 2001)
- Wine – Good or Bad?   (April 2001)
- Did Abraham (sws) Smash the Idols?   (March 2001)
- The Infinite Loop Problem   (February 2001)
- The Event of the Worship of the Golden Calf   (August 2000)
- What Was Man Created From?   (July 2000)
- Inquiry in Paradise   (June 2000)
- Can the Slander of Chaste Women be Forgiven?   (May 2000)
- Is Evil from Satan, Ourselves or Allah?   (April 2000)
- How Merciful is Allah?   (January 2000)
- Where is Allah?   (April 1999)
- Quick or Slow Creation?   (March 1999)
- Is Islam a Divine Religion?   (April 2001)
- Schools of Religious Education (II)   (December 1997)
- Schools of Religious Education   (October 1997)
- Role of the Teacher   (December 1995)
- The Existing Education System: A Critique   (November 1995)
- The Need for a Sound System of Education   (October 1995)
God and Monotheism
- Determinism & Fatalism   (March 1991)
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