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Training Members of the Parliament
Political Issues
Moiz Amjad
(Tr. by:Sadia Saleem)


It is but natural to entrust our matters to people who are highly qualified and competent in their respective fields. The doctors who cure our illness, the engineers who build our houses, the lawyers who represent us in our law suits and the managers who run our business must all be professionally trained in their fields if they are to contribute positively in society and win our trust.

On the other hand, it is amazing to think that we don't care tuppence about the education and training of the  people to whom we hand over the pulse of our nation. It is all important that the people whom we entrust the reins of our country should not only be equipped with the necessary educational capabilities but be especially trained for this purpose.

A training course should be set up where all the elected representatives are trained to execute their responsibilities in the correct manner and are prepared to serve their country effectively and efficiently.

In this connection, guidance should be solicited from the system enforced in our country for training the candidates of the Civil Services. Although the successful candidates already have a minimum qualification of the BA degree, yet before they are appointed at their respective posts they are given training in managerial works for a specific time. During this period, they are taught subjects as economics, Pakistan studies, English, finance, Islamiyat, public speaking and business studies. Apart from these subjects they are also made to compete in athletics and sports for their physical fitness.

On the basis of the educational and training programme of the Civil Services, a programme for the elected representatives of the National and Provincial Assemblies should be chalked out. For this purpose an academy should be established. There should be a residential programme and its duration should be at least six months. In this programme, training should be given in all the political areas and in all the areas which might help them in their future responsibilities. In this connection, economics, political science, ethics, Islamic guidelines for the rulers, jurisprudence, elementary principles of public speaking, law, policy making, managerial affairs, foreign affairs and other important sciences whose knowledge they might require according to their posts should especially be included in the curriculum.

(Adapted from Moiz Amjad's commentary on Ghamidi's ‘Manshur’)


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