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Yoginder Sikand
- A Brief on the True Meaning of Universality of the Qur’an   (March 2017)
- Understanding the Qur’ānic verse on “Beating Women”   (November 2011)
Hadith & Sunnah
- Analysis of Hadiths that are used to argue for Female Circumcision   (April 2016)
- The Sunnah: Which Definition?   (December 2015)
- A Layman's Guide to Analyzing Hadith   (March 2014)
- The Prohibition of Dyeing Hair Black, as mentioned in Ahadith   (September 2009)
Political Issues
- Islamophobia vis a vis Non-Muslimophobia   (September 2015)
- What Constitutes a Legitimate and A true Islamic state   (June 2015)
- Measuring Our Spiritual Purification   (June 2019)
- The Long Journey from not Eating to Fasting   (May 2019)
- Measuring Our Spiritual Purification   (June 2016)
- All Prayers are Answered!   (May 2016)
- Fasting during the long summer days in some Western countries   (August 2012)
- The Long Journey from not Eating to Fasting   (July 2012)
- The Long Journey from not Eating to Fasting   (March 2012)
- How to Improve our Daily Prayers?   (January 2009)
- Revisiting the Jihad of the Companions after the Demise of Prophet Muhammad (sws)   (May 2014)
- What Does it Take for a Non-Traditional Scholar of Islam to be Open Minded and Academic   (March 2016)
- Life Challenges as Tools for Spiritual Purification   (April 2015)
- A Prologue to Historical Sources of Islam   (November 2013)
- Abdus Sattar Ghauri (A Special Person)   (June 2014)
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