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1980 -

Worked on various topics related to Islamic philosophy, Islamic law and Islamic jurisprudence. Major research works include the following:

1. Al-Bayan: An annotated translation of the Divine message with a view to unfold its coherence so that a student of the Qur’an be able to have some idea of its subtleties.

2.  Mizan: A comprehensive treatise on the contents of Islam.

3.  Burhan: A dissertation in which contemporary religious thoughts have been critically analyzed.

    The following articles of ‘Mizan’ and ‘Burhan’ have been published.

i) Qanun-i-Da‘wat: This article discusses the Islamic guidelines for the dissemination and propagation of the message of Islam. It also presents criticisms on the ideas of many other Islamists including militants who advocate violence for establishing the rule of Islam.

ii) Qanun-i-Siyasat: This article discusses the Islamic guidelines for running the state. Many important questions have also been taken up in this article, for instance. Is Islam a Democracy or a Theocracy or something else? What is the legal definition of a Muslim? and many others.

iii) Qanun-i-Ma‘ishat: This dissertation includes the Islamic guidelines for running the economy and for personal conduct in financial and economic matters. It also presents a suggestion for eliminating interest from the economy.

iv) Hudud-u-Ta‘zirat: This dissertation presents the Islamic law of legal punishments and dispels many wrong notions about this law, for instance the notion that the testimony of a woman is half that of a man’s and that the diyyah (penalty) for unintentionally killing a woman is half that of a man’s.

v)  Din Ka Sahih Tassawur: This article presents the overall scope and objective of the religion of Islam. 

1991 - 

President, Al-Mawrid, Institute of Islamic Sciences (51-K, Model Town, Lahore, Pakistan Tel. 5865145 / 5434306). Founded this institute in 1983 and then re-established it in 1991. Objectives of the institute include research on various aspects of Islam and presentation and dissemination of that research work. The institute is also working on a pilot project for university level education in Islam (up to M Phil level). Also served as the Chairman of the Board of Governors from Jan 1992 up to March 1995 (see Appendix for an introduction of Al-Mawrid).


President, Danish Sara, an institution for organising the task of Islamic propagation and the people involved in it. Founded this institution in 15th March 1997. The main objectives of this institution include.

Presently, the institution is publishing two monthly journals, Renaissance (English) and Ishraq (Urdu) and books and pamphlets on Islam. It is also regularly conducting seminars on various topics related to Islam and organising weekly lectures on the Qur’an and the Hadith.


In 1991, founded Renaissance (English) (51-K, Model Town, Lahore, Pakistan; Tel: 5834306 Fax # 5864856 E-mail info@Renaissance.com). Renaissance publishes research work done at Al-Mawrid and other articles dealing with various aspects of Islam. Have been supervising this monthly journal since its inception. Took over as its chief editor in August 1998.


Chief Editor, Ishraq, a monthly Islamic research journal (Urdu) (51-K, Model Town, Lahore, Pakistan; Tel: 5834306 Fax # 5864856 E-mail ishraq@ghamidi.org). Ishraq also publishes research work done at Al-Mawrid and other articles.


Instructor for Islamic studies at the Civil Services Academy, Lahore, Pakistan. This academy provides training to the probationers selected by the Federal government for superior services.


Remained under the tutelage of Amin Ahsan Islahi, a renowned Islamic scholar and Qur’anic Exegesist. 


Graduated from the Government college, Lahore in English literature (Honours)


Matriculated, and completed studies in Islamic disciplines in the traditional way of tutelage under scholars of specific disciplines.


Born on 18 April

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