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Dr. Shehzad Saleem
- The Correct Version of Islam   (April 2014)
- An Objection to Women Heading a State   (November 2008)
- Can a Woman Ruler reconcile with the Authority of her Husband?   (November 2008)
- Should Muslims obey the Laws of a Non-Muslim Country?   (November 2008)
- Does a Muslim Ruler have the Right to Veto   (December 2002)
- Can a Woman Become a Head of State   (December 2002)
- Authority of the Majority   (December 2002)
- Conditions of Revolt against an Islamic State   (December 2002)
- Status of Non-Muslim Citizens   (December 2002)
- Parliamentary or Presidential Form of Government   (December 2002)
- Secularism and the Founder of Pakistan   (December 2002)
- Establishment of an Islamic State   (December 2002)
- Islamic Guidelines for Foreign Policy   (December 2002)
- Should Muslims of a Non-Muslim Country Unite Politically   (December 2002)
- 73 Sects   (December 2002)
- The Baseless Doctrine of Vicegerency of Man   (December 2002)
- Imposition of Khirāj   (December 2002)
- What is the System of Khilāfat?   (December 2002)
- Patriotism towards a Non-Muslim Country   (November 2002)
- Can a Woman become the Head of State?   (February 2002)
- Can a Woman be Elected as President of an MSA?   (January 2002)
- Religious Freedom and Abraham’s Idol-Bashing ?   (October 2001)
- Does a Muslim Ruler have the Right to Veto?   (July 2001)
- Authority of the Majority   (April 2001)
- Establishment of an Islamic State   (April 2001)
- Islamic Guidelines for the Foreign Policy   (February 2001)
- Should Muslims Living in Non-Muslim Countries Unite ?   (April 2000)
- Democracy and Islam   (December 1999)
- 73 Sects   (January 1999)
- Welfare of non-Muslim citizens   (June 1998)
- ‘Woman for a Woman’   (April 1998)
Javed Ahmad Ghamidi
- Can the Western Civilization become a Global Civilization?   (November 2000)
- What is a Modern Society?   (November 2000)
- The Features of an Islamic Civilization   (November 2000)
- Cultural Conflict or National Conflict   (November 2000)
- Coming Closer to the World: The First Step   (November 2000)
- Is the Western Civilization Self-Destructive?   (November 2000)
Amin Ahsan Islahi
- Sir Syed Ahmad Khan   (December 2016)
Dr Khalid Zaheer
- Does a True Islamic Society Exist?   (August 2006)
- The Political Set-Up envisaged by Islam   (August 2006)
- Does a True Islamic Society exist?   (May 2006)
Siddiq Bukhary
- Islamic Change and Revolution   (May 2004)
- Ombudsman in Islam   (August 2003)
- Why are Muslims not United?   (April 2003)
Tariq Haashmi
- Did Adam (sws) ask for Muhammad’s (sws) Intercession?   (April 2003)
Adnan Zulfiqar
- The Taliban   (June 2003)
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