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Answered by Javed Ahmad Ghamidi

As a propagator of Islam, kindly tell us that on the occasion of the inception of 21st century, on what basis should we establish the call for Islam?


The oneness of God, the unity of man and veneration for established moral principles, only this has always been the message of Islam. It establishes these principles on the basis of belief in the Hereafter. In my opinion, Islam should be presented as a call for the purification of the individual and the collective life of man rather than a system. This is its real introduction. The relationship that we should establish in the entire world with our addresses is that of exhorter and the exhorted. This relationship is of affection, dialogue, and propriety. Clash, subjugation, pre-eminence, conspiracy, dogmatism and other words like these should be expunged from our religious dictionary forever. In the present circumstances, the best examples for us to follow is the life of Jesus (sws) when he preached in Jerusalem and that of Muhammad when he preached Prophet (sws) in Makkah. Bible in the sermon of the mount and the Qur’ān in its Makkan Sūrahs have expounded it masterfully.

The attitude we should adopt is that of patience and forbearance against tyranny and not that of recompense, persecution and vengeance. In tender language, giving heed to propriety and fully taking into account the psychology of the addressee, we have to tell the world that the only lord of human beings is Allah, the Almighty. They are the sons of Adam and Eve. No distinction can be sustained amongst them on the basis of colour and creed or nation and country, and they have to adopt only one course for success in the world and the Hereafter and that is: goodness of deed. I am sure that mankind neither has anything better than this exhortation now, nor will the coming time bring anything better than this. This is the exhortation that can take humankind to the goal of a universal civilization

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