Islam and Terrorism
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Answered by Javed Ahmad Ghamidi

In the present time, the serious accusation levelled against Islam by the west is that of terrorism. How far is this allegation legitimate? Isn’t west itself involved in international terrorism?


I believe that, in our society, some flag bearers of forcefully imposing their stance on people have created this impression. Although a large majority of Muslims is against it but because of its silence, this impression has become prominent. We should eradicate this impression with full vigour and should, in no way, adopt the method of accusatory reply that west also does the same. Peace, sovereignty, freedom, and the unity of mankind in the world are our values. We should be pleased with the fact that the west acknowledges the importance of these values. We should tell the western people that presently, whatever is surfacing in the name of Islam vis-à-vis terrorism is the erroneous interpretation of Islam and we can strive alongside the west in order to eradicate it.

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