Is the Western Civilization Self-Destructive?
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Answered by Javed Ahmad Ghamidi

Dr Hoffman, while alluding to the Harvard university professor David Bell and a former American diplomat William Aufles, has prophesized that the western world will be demolished once again like communism because no human civilization can exist without spirituality. What do you say about this prophecy?


I think that the western civilization, by declaring freedom and sovereignty its fundamental values, has provided enough for itself to adapt to a new mould instead of being ravished completely. If these values are impaired any moment, then this can be prophesized. I believe that if Muslims stand at the right place while presenting their religion and opt for the prophetic way of reformation instead of revolution, then the inner self of western civilization can be conquered. But would Muslims stand in such position? I fear that this dream might not come true. Likewise, this point should also be understood that demolition of a civilization cannot occur without the emergence of a comparative civilization which possesses superior moral values. Thus, the question is that have the possibilities of the origination of a superior civilization emerged? I think that these possibilities are not even remotely evident; so no prophecy of any destruction can be made.

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