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Answered by Javed Ahmad Ghamidi

According to Dr Hoffman, the approach to convey the message of Islam to other civilizations is to determine those values of other civilizations that are also present in Islam, and then an attempt should be made to unite them together. What is your comment on this viewpoint?


I wholly agree with this point. To me this is the same principle of sagacity in exhortation which the holy Qur’ān has presented -- in its immortal style-- in case of the People of the Book: ‘O People of the Book, come to that which is similar between you and us …’ (3:113). Exhortation should always be carried from agreement to disagreement, and accepted to controversial. Those points which the addressee acknowledges, which are not strange to him, starting from their confession and affirmation, movement should be gradual to those matters which are an inevitable corollary of these facts so that the addressee, while moving from the familiar to the unfamiliar, leans, imperceptibly, towards those facts which any advocate of the truth wants to get acknowledged.

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