The Features of an Islamic Civilization
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Answered by Javed Ahmad Ghamidi

In your opinion, is there any reality of an Islamic civilization, and if it does exist, then how different is it from other civilizations?


If we insist on giving the name of Islamic civilization to a particular civilization, then, in my opinion, any civilization which accepts these three fundamentals can be declared Islamic despite a thousand variations in culture and tradition, way of living and etiquette and customs:

1. Oneness of God

2. Unity of mankind

3. Eternal retribution on the basis of deeds

These three things permeate a civilization as its spirit and, with inconsequential divergences, accept every structure for human civilization. Therefore, the same has happened in the history of Muslims elapsed so far. Islam has played this very role in the formation of civilization. Every civilization, according to its inclination and capacity, adopted these fundamentals and moulded them in their peculiar frame. This is the reason that any particular mould or frame should not be termed Islamic civilization. These fundamentals became conspicuous in the Arab civilization in a distinct manner. Later on, the coalescence with non-Arabs imparted some new colours to it and now if western civilization also accepts these fundamentals, then, with a few divergences, this civilization can also be termed an Islamic civilization.

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