What is a Modern Society?
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Answered by Javed Ahmad Ghamidi

The common point of view is that modernism and westernization are inseparable. Huntington disagrees with it. In his view, a society can be non-western and still be modern. Which society, in your view, is a modern society?


I believe that if a society keeps the doors of criticism open to itself, does not make every opinion, every point of view, every custom and tradition a thing of worship, not only endures disagreement but also provides a conducive and amiable environment for it, does not start persecuting the proponents of a new point of view, affords them free opportunities to have a discourse and all the time remains vigorous in the pursuit of unveiling the possibilities which nature has concealed in the heavens and the earth, then it is a modern society. Modern society is not the name of some distinct emblem, nor is it the name of a particular dress or some distinguished etiquette and customs, rather it is the name of cognizance of facts. Whichever civilization acquires this cognition, will be worthy of being called modern. If the oneness of age, the unity of life and the unity of universe do not accept duality, then the decision of the modern and the ancient will also be on the basis of facts.

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