Does Hajj become compulsory after doing ‘Umrah?
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Answered by Dr. Shehzad Saleem

I was told by many people that if a person does not have money for Hajj, then he should not try for ‘Umrah also. And if a person does so, Hajj becomes obligatory on him as he has done a job he was not asked for. I do not have money to send my father for Hajj but I think that I can manage to send him for ‘Umrah. Can I do so and what will be the ruling for the above mentioned issue?


Although Hajj and ‘Umrah both are sacred rituals of Islam. They are separate in their nature and in the extent of obligation they entail. Hajj is obligatory for a Muslim who has physical and financial strength to do it, whereas ‘Umrah though desirable and commendable is not obligatory for every Muslim. Offering ‘Umrah does not make Hajj obligatory because the physical and financial ability is different for both these rituals. Hajj, you would agree, is more strenuous and also more expensive.

If you can manage to send your father for ‘Umrah, you should do so because a true Muslim should be very sensitive for each and every chance of virtue and good deed he gets. When and wherever he gets it he should avail it, lest the candle of his life be put off. However, you should have the urge and intention for yourself and for your father that whenever God provides favorable circumstances you will offer Hajj. Man is responsible and accountable for his present conditions and circumstances and not for his ‘would be’ circumstances. Take care of the present and the future will take care of itself.

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