Islamic Guidelines for Foreign Policy
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Answered by Dr. Shehzad Saleem

I was wondering how you believe Islam affects the foreign policy of a country, if at all?


Following are some of the important guidelines Islam gives to the makers of foreign policy of a Muslim country:

1. No aggression should be launched against a non-Muslim country to forcibly make it accept Islam or to annex it.1

2. All contracts with various countries must be honoured in all circumstances – unless of course the other country breaks or revises them.

3. War can only be declared on another country, whether Muslim or non-Muslim, if that country is guilty of oppression and tyranny and diplomatic talks fail. Here again war does not become obligatory; it merely becomes permissible.2

4. Friendly ties should be initiated with all countries of the world whatever their religion.

5. The enmity of any country should not stop a Muslim country from being fair and just towards that country.



1. For details, see: Renaissance, June2002 (Special issue on Jihād), Dāru’l- Ishrāq, Lahore.

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