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Propagation of the Truth
Dr. Shehzad Saleem


The propagation of the truth has remained the mission of the Prophets, for it is the prerogative of every truth to be disseminated far and wide. Islam requires of a Muslim to propagate the truth according to his ability, position and status. It says that every person is the shepherd of his herd about which he shall be held accountable on the Day of Judgement. It directs each person to strive to save himself and his family from the flames of Hell. It defines each person's sphere of authority in which it is his responsibility to propagate and implement the truth.

It says that:

It is the duty of the common man to urge every person of his family and, indeed, every person present in his immediate surroundings to the three basic requirements which will ensure their salvation in the Hereafter. These three requirements have been spelled out in Surah Asr:

"Time bears evidence that man, verily, is in a loss save those who accept faith, do virtuous deeds and invite each other to the right path and urge each other to remain steadfast on it." (103:1-3)

It is the duty of the head of state and all his representatives to implement the Shariah at the state level. Keeping in view the expediency of a society, they must enforce the directives of Islam. While pointing out the objectives of an Islamic State, the Quran says:

"[These believers are those who], if We grant them authority in this land, will establish regular prayers and pay zakat and enjoin what is virtuous and forbid what is evil." (22:41)

It is the duty of the Muslim Ummah in its collective capacity to bear witness to the religion of truth upon other nations of the world. This can only be done when Muslims in their individual and collective capacity become the standard-bearers of the final Shariah which has been given to them, and thereby re-establish the society on the lines of the Rightly Guided Caliphate. In the words of the Quran:

"And similarly, we made you the best Ummah that you may bear witness [to the religion of truth] upon other nations of the world and the Prophet may be a witness over yourselves." (2:143)

It is the duty of the ulema to warn the people about their obligations as common Muslims, as rulers of an Islamic State and as members of the Ummah of the dreadful fate that awaits them if they do not fulfil them. The Quran says:

"It was not possible for all the believers to undertake [this job]. So why did not a few from every group among them come forward to gain sound knowledge in religion and warn the people of their [respective] nations, when they returned to them that they may also take heed." (9:122)

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