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A Wonderful Personal Experience!
Izhar Ahmad Qureshi


The late Mr Ghulam Farooq has the highest record of accomplishment in this country during his career as Chairman "Pakistan Industrial Development Corporation". I know very little about him but I had a very very brief encounter with him which I shall describe in the following paragraphs. This incident throws light on his magnanimous approach and attitude.

In 1958, I was the Construction Engineer of PIDC at the Penicillin Factory, Daudkhel. At that time, a chimney was to be built there for the boiler. I proposed to my Operative Director that I build it in RCC. Considering it a risky job, he did not agree with me and ordered the Karachi Shipyard for supply of the steel chimney.

Shortly afterwards, the chairman of PIDC Mr Ghulam Farooq came on a round. At the chimney site, I told him that I had proposed an RCC Chimney. "Oh! that will be very good", he said and ordered his steno who was accompanying him to cancel the order of the steel chimney with the shipyard.

"How much will the RCC Chimney cost?", he asked me. I told him that it would cost around Rs 30,000. "Thirty thousand rupees sanctioned", he dictated to his steno.

A little further, on the same round, I told Mr Ghulam Farooq that I could build very very economical RCC Shell Structures at a cost of nearly Rs 3.50 only per sq ft. He paused a bit and tried to decide as to where to build these, but could not think of some suitable site. So he ordered me to build two sample shells at a seemingly available space and asked me as to how much money was required. I told him Rs 7,000.

"Seven thousand rupees sanctioned", he again dictated to his steno.

In the evening, an officer told Mr Ghulam Farooq that his Operative Director was apprehensive of the risks in building an RCC Chimney.


Alas! very few high ups in our country having the same or even more powers as the late Mr Ghulam Farooq had, use their powers. Many of them are not even aware of their powers and of the ways they could use them.

See how Mr Ghulam Farooq behaved in this incident:

1. He showed extraordinary keenness.

2. He took spontaneous decisions.

3. He gave on the spot financial sanctions on the basis of his own judgement setting aside the bureaucratic proper channels.

4. He displayed an encouraging, rather patronizing attitude to new experiments.

5. He exhibited overwhelming enthusiasm in being a guardian to keen young men.


Today, there are many craftsmen who have developed new techniques, processes and products and need to be encouraged and helped in the interest of the industrial progress of the country. Many writers have proved their worth but await help in publishing their excellent works. There are many good and dedicated teachers around whom schools could be set up.

If only our high-ups could show some iniative in this regard, such gifted people will definitely be helpful in the progress of our country.

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