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The Selection of a Teacher
Shakil Amjad

The role of a teacher in the formation of society is of paramount important. It is he who acts for the whole society in discharging the debt due to future generations. Therefore, his key role lays great emphases on him to take meticulous care in fulfilling his duty.

The mind of a child is like a blank slate and whatever is written on it remains inscribed on it for a long time to come. The importance of the role of teacher demands conscientious effort on the part of the government in selecting the educated people of the society for this noble profession.

When a person is selected for teaching profession, it must be determine whether the person possesses a natural aptitude for it. Can he serve as a practical model for his pupils? What ideology does he cherish? Above all, does he have the heart and sole of a Muslim.

It is imperative that a complete system be geared up for the selection of teachers. Only that person should be given this sacred responsibility who fulfils the aforementioned criteria.

Besides, an on job training programme should be formulated for the selected candidates with the following objectives.

Inculcating the true spirit of this profession in their minds

Impressing upon them the objectives of Islam

Making them aware of contemporary issues in Islam

Providing them with an opportunity to study western thought and methodology pertaining to education.

Apart from making a system on the basis of the above mentioned objectives, there still remains one inevitable factor which must be an integral part of this education system – an attractive financial package. We all know that lack of this very aspect has contributed a lot to the deterioration of education. Usually, no talented person joins teaching profession as it neither offers him respect in the eyes of the society nor does it provide him with a reasonable living standard. When better financial prospects are incorporated in this education policy, a large number of intelligent young men of the society will be attracted to this profession.

If the government decides to implement such an education policy with sincerity, one can hope for concrete results and expect that talented people will join this profession and discharge their duty with a sense of under moral obligation; that students will become students in the strict sense of the word; that no student will have to seek private tuition and, above all, teachers will try to perform this sacred task with an effort to follow in footsteps of the Prophet (sws) – the greatest of all teachers.

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