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Mus‘ab Public School -- An Introduction
Muhammad Ishaq


Mus‘ab Public School is not just a school, but the beginning of an educational mission at the national level. It has been named after Mus‘ab Bin ‘Umayr (rta), who was sent by the Holy Prophet (sws) to Madinah to teach and preach Islam, before the Prophet (sws) migrated to the newly converted town.

Basically, this school has been established as a centre of excellence in general education. The underlying object in the establishment of this institution is that the doctors, engineers, lawyers, politicians, scholars and academics that this institution turns out be not only highly competent in areas of their choice but also good, diligent and honest human beings; above all, that the awareness and spirit inculcated in them make them embodiment of the rich traditions of our religion, culture and history.

The strategy for this objective is based upon the following foundations:

1. The curriculum from class I to VIII shall centre round instruction of languages which are to be the media of instruction for various disciplines at the secondary and  higher secondary levels. With this aim  they  shall  acquire  reasonable proficiency in English, Urdu and Arabic languages, so that they do not face any obstruction whatsoever on this account at later stages.

2. Since a reasonably good command on mathematics is necessary to understand physics, chemistry, engineering and other disciplines, it shall form a part of the curriculum also and shall be  taught intensively right from the lowest levels.

3. A new subject of Islamic tradition shall be introduced to enhance the students’ awareness of the rich scholarly and literary traditions of the Muslim civilization and culture. The instruction for this course shall begin from nursery to intermediate  classes. This subject includes the story and history of civilization and culture through the ages, important events of Islamic history and introduction to notable Muslim personalities. Selection from fine pieces of Urdu, Persian and Arabic literature shall also be taught with special emphasis on Iqbal, the poet of the East.

4. Fine arts shall also be part of the curriculum from nursery to class VIII with a view to provide some recreation to students and to develop their creative abilities. The students shall be taught how to write in an informal manner during fine arts classes and subsequently when they are able to draw shapes and alphabets, they shall be instructed in dictation and calligraphy.

5. English shall be the medium of instruction for science and related fields, Urdu for social sciences and Arabic for Islamic Studies. So long as the students do not have a reasonable command over the languages, they shall be trained in these disciplines in an informal manner only.

In class IX, the students shall be given the opportunity to select their fields and subjects of interest in science, arts, literature, etc; they shall then be helped to excel in these subjects from class IX up to Intermediate.

6. Arabic language shall be taught primarily to comprehend the Qur’an. The students shall  read  the entire Qur’an during the last two years of their secondary level. It shall be ensured that during these two years, the students absorb as much of the Qur’anic message and content as is expected of a Muslim.

7. Keeping  in view their needs and aptitude, the boys and girls in the school shall be  formally introduced to home economics, computer operation, crafts and workmanship.

8. While selecting teachers, weightage shall be given to not only their professional skills and teaching acumen but also to their conduct as a Muslim. It shall be judged whether they have a commitment towards their faith and community and whether it is their mission to enlighten the coming generation and to produce ideal citizen for the society.

9. A well-equipped library shall be set up for the students. They shall be motivated to study modern techniques and to use latest technology. Education shall be imparted through means which have been tried out and found useful internationally. The students shall be relieved of carrying heavy satchels on their back and getting burdensome homework. The teachers shall be paid handsome salaries and shall be strictly forbidden to go for tuition to the students of this institution.


Mus‘ab Public School1 began functioning in January 1994. At that stage, admissions we offered to nursery, kindergarten, class I and II. Now, instruction up to class IV is being given and around 140 students in all are enrolled.

Since the institution is purely altruistic with no motives for any pecuniary advantage, the current income generated by it is not sufficient to achieve the aim that a mission of this nature entails; for example, the acquisition of a larger building and of a fully equipped library have now become vital. More funds are needed for the continual and enhanced utilisation of the services of competent teachers. A well-equipped laboratory is also essential requirement for instruction in science.

In spite of all these difficulties, the institution has managed to keep the school fee far below that of other schools and continues to give concessions to deserving students.

The mission was undertaken with a well ground faith in Allah’s benevolence. Therefore, the management of this institution have great hope that God Almighty will help them us to achieve their objectives. However, they feel that it is also their responsibility to communicate the difficulties being encountered to such people of our nation as have always felt a yearning in their bosoms for a chance to do something for our future generation to build a stronger Pakistan and stronger ummah. Therefore, such people are informed of these efforts so that they may not lag behind in sharing in a mission which is as much theirs as it is any one else’s. The book of God says ‘O believers! Co-operate with one another in goodness and piety’. Therefore, to such people, all that the management of Mus‘ab can say is: Let’s keep the torch burning!






1. Address: 93-E, Model Town, Lahore. Tel: 857993.

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