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A Nine Point Programme
Political Issues
Dr. Shehzad Saleem


1.   The rulers should be the servants of the citizens of Pakistan and their doors should always remain open to the public; they should live among the masses and with the same standard of living. All their stately residence and palatial houses should be put to national use.

2.   Providing the common man with the basic necessities, protecting his self-respect, putting an end to corruption and injustice and promoting science and technology for the development of the Ummah should be the top most priority of the government.

3.   An all-encompassing system of accountability should be enforced in the country such that from the head of state to an ordinary employee of the government and from the leader of a party and to an ordinary office bearer of the party no one whosoever is beyond its circle of application.

4.   The economy should be established on the lines of just distribution of wealth and on self-reliance in such a manner that gradually the government does not need to impose any tax on its citizens other than zakāh.

5.   A uniform system of education should be enforced in the country. Any diversity in nature: religious or non-religious, and medium: Urdu or English should be eliminated.

6.   All unfair laws against women and non-Muslims shall be abolished and efforts should be made to provide them with equal opportunities for development in the state system of Pakistan.

7.   The existing system of the judiciary and the executive should be replaced by an equitable one in which the country is divided into small administrative units where all the problems and grievances of the public are resolved.

8.   At all the levels, the rulers should deliver the Friday address so that once again after the era of the Rightly Guided Caliphate the venues of political authority are linked to the places of worship of the Muslims.

9.   The Qur’ān and the Sunnah should be accepted as the supreme law of the land.



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