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Essence of Monotheism (5)
Amin Ahsan Islahi
(Tr. by:Nikhat Sattar)


Spiritual Arguments for Monotheism


Summary of Previous Discussions

We present a summary of the discussion in the earlier three chapters so that the key points that have been staggered so far are easily comprehensible for readers.


a. The first point established by these detailed discussions is that people who claim that the entire foundation of the Qur’an’s reasoning is based upon accusatory and oratory type of arguments and that it is empty of solid, rational and natural reasoning suffer from the worst kind of doubts about the Qur’an. Doubtless the Qur’an contains accusatory arguments, but these are only one type of Qur’anic reasoning and its addressees are groups who already accept some true principle. The Qur’an has used these principles to prove its final arguments and this is a very natural and rational style of reasoning. This is accepted by all humankind. The basis of the rest of the arguments is nature and the signs of the universe, the proofs of which are evident upon Arabs and non Arabs and the common man as well as the philosopher. This is the reason why the Qur’an came to provide guidance to all humankind and is sufficient to lead and guide the world until the Day of Judgement.

b. The second reality that has been proved is that the Qur’anic reasoning is quite different from that of our scholars and philosophers. The summary of their entire effort is merely an affirmation of causes and effects, which neither solves the puzzle of this universe nor does it fill the vacuum that humans feel inside themselves and which they wish to fill so intensely that they fill it up with anything they find even if it is unsuitable. In contrast, the Qur’anic reasoning produces proof of a God Who possesses all good attributes; Who has created the world by His Will and is nourishing and sustaining the evolution of the world through His wisdom and mercy. It is not as if just as the earth is receiving involuntary light from the sun, the earth too came into existence through an involuntary act of God and receives involuntary benefit from Him. It is also not as if He has become indifferent from the daily happenings in the world after creating it, to the extent that if He disappears, the world would not suffer in any way, as was the view of Greek philosophers. Instead, He controls the planning and operating system of the entire universe; His knowledge encompasses the minutiae and the whole, simultaneously; He is aware of everything that enters the earth and all that descends from the skies. All good and evil is in His hands; He is the One who gives existence to light and darkness. Without His command, no particle can move from its place and no leaf can fall from its branch. He is omnipotent and omnipresent. When there was nothing, He was and when there will be nothing, He will be. He is the Creator; the Sublime; the Artist; the Giver of sustenance; the Wise and Powerful; the Merciful and Compassionate; the Magnificent and Possessor of absolute knowledge; the Dominant and Wrathful; the Giver of Peace and the Protector; the Great Forgiver and the One Who covers sins; the Holy and the Source of Peace; the Sovereign and the Lord; the Merciful and the Loving; The Guide and the Generous One. He is free of want and is the refuge for all. He is father of no one and the son of no one. There is no one who is of His race or community.

c. The third point we have understood is that the attributes of God have certain requirements. Just as He is unique and without any associates in these attributes, there is no one who shares these requirements. For example, if He is the Creator, He should be accepted as the Lord; His instructions should be followed; He should be obeyed and served in every aspect of life. If He is the Giver of sustenance, He has to be the centre of true gratitude and true love: all other gratitude and other loves are subject to gratitude and love for Him. If he is the Giver of Peace and the Protector, He should be relied upon completely and help should be sought only from Him. He only should be prayed to. If He is the Magnificent and Possessor of absolute knowledge, only He is worthy of true trust and it is necessary that total trust be placed in Him in all circumstances, whether in distress or serenity; sorrow or happiness. If He is the Wise and Powerful, all that is open or hidden must be considered known to Him; If He is the Guide, it becomes essential that His guidance be followed. Also, it is necessary that all such matters be avoided that negate these requirements or that include others as His associates.

As far as the question of how to determine God’s will and His instructions for every aspect of life is concerned, so that a human being may fulfil the obligation of monotheism fully and not be polluted by obedience to other than God, we shall discuss this in depth in our book “Essence of Prophethood”.1 This is not the right place to oppose this question. So far, the discussion we have had can be summarised by saying that the clear evidence of the universe and human nature is that there is a Creator and Thinker behind this universe and that He possesses all beautiful attributes. He is the Controller and Manager of this universe and He is our Lord and God. His worship and obedience is necessary for us. He is the centre of our gratitude, servitude and pleadings.

There is no god but He and He has no partners. 


(Translated by Nikhat Sattar)



1. Alas I could not write this book and it is unlikely that I will be able to do so now.


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