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Crisis Management
Dr. Shehzad Saleem

Life is seldom smooth. Every now and then all of us face crises of some sort or the other. These include death of dear ones, debilitating ailments, financial hardships, famines, wars, social anarchy, child and substance abuse. For once, we are jolted and life seems dark and desolate. There seems to be no way out. Such is the suffering we face that while some end up complaining to God, others forsake the concept of a merciful being.

It is on such occasions that each one of us must be equipped to handle crises. If we lack this ability, life will become even more difficult and desperation and despair will become our permanent companions.

Here are some suggestions that may help us cope with crisis situations.

Firstly, we must accept that everything happens from God because of a reason. In His grand scheme of things, we have been sent in this world for trial and test. Crisis situations test our mettle as to whether we are still thankful to God. It is easy to be thankful in smooth situations, but so very difficult when the going gets tough. Moreover, at the time of a crisis, we may not realize the reason concealed in it. However, many a time, we do realize that a certain crisis actually was a blessing in disguise for us. It is here that we must fully trust God and resign to His will. This attitude may earn His help in the form of a new resolve to combat the situation.

Secondly, a crisis is a time to lend support as well as to seek support from our fraternity. It is a time that strengthens the human bond and makes us realize that we are part of a greater family. In other words, we must fall back on others to cope with this situation and as a result we will find ourselves stronger than before and more caring for one another. Crisis times thus bring us together and make us forget our differences. These are times that we must relish for this reason.

Thirdly, crisis times stimulate creativity and research. The faculties of people which operate in normal circumstances mostly produce normal results. A crisis calls upon them to use their extra reserves and delve deeper into their minds. This results in producing literature, art and scientific advancement at an enhanced rate. These phenomena in turn help us in coping with crises and bringing us out of this imbroglio.

Fourthly, it is a time to come closer to God and strengthen our connection with Him. The deeper the crisis the more prone we become in invoking His help and showing trust in Him. It nurtures and develops courage and resilience in us and makes us stronger and better than before. The stronger our God-connection the stronger we become in coping with crises.



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