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The Journey of a Thousand Miles
Rhyme and Reason
Arub Saqib

Many a mile I walk on this land,

My feet sweeping over soft grass and grounding grains of sand,

Feeling the insignificant pebbles in lakes and seeing the mammoth like mountains, tall and proud as they stand,

As I stop to rest my eyes and set up camp before the dawn extinguishes night all I ask for is a helping hand. 


Lonely traveler by day, guest of Gaya by night,

I am forever wondering and my life is held within my sight,

The soft blanket of sky is my shelter; my mansion of Earth holds ceilings at a great height,

A blazing ball of flame is my lamp and my company a rainbow of birds as they take flight.


Another hour gone, another day has passed,

My feet now take charge and give way whenever the shadow of fatigue is caste.

But I must carry on, the journey one day will end and so will my task,

And my heart will not rest until this is done or I breathe my last.


My eyes open, my mouth as empty as the Sahara view,

My body tired of ambling, aging with every step; my jubilant days are a few;

Even though there is no strength in me, I have a purpose and my heart, hope and desire is true,

I will not stop until my excursion is through.


Passing in to winter as every thing turns cold,

Arms, legs, fingers blue with frost but heart still warm and glowing like gold;

Fists and feet fight hail and storm along with tortured memories of old.

I have left a place of torment, for now only with the crown of imprudence and my brimming conscience that I hold.


Flee, flee foolish one, run from your loved ones and leave them to cry,

You have brought this upon yourself and will roam alone until the day you die,

Try seeking shelter from this self-inflicted pain and from what you fear under the colossal blanket of the sky;

But thoughts taunt you, your journey from trepidation pointless; you know it will get closer as the days go by. 


No, never end something which has already begun,

Do not abandon yourself under the banishing sun,

Carry on fighting for what you know is right and soon it will be done,

Never give up hope for the journey which has already begun.


My mind perplexed, but not my soul,

My stomach empty, but not my goal,

My sorrows break me, but aspiration makes me whole,

My dreams are clear, but my thoughts beaten with the whip of distress inside its bowl.


Kneeling down every other step of the way,

I weaken in belief and do not want to go on another day,

Along with my desires, my destroyers are here to stay.

Head down and driving through once more, willing to make it to the other end as I pray.


Realisation dawns, belief restored in hopes forever genuine,

I keep faith in my convictions that will be forever divine,

Now living unaided, untenanted, unoccupied and forever for me myself and mine,

Spirit feeds on principles, desires on hope; and destroyers on my flaws forever dine.


Shuffle, pause, trip, fall and then carry on for a while,

It is my journey not to be stopped so I take another breath, and carry on with a smile,

It will be over soon but until then I must remember that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step,

So carry I on, and will not stop, a single word for every mileā€¦


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