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Section II: Queries
Azeem Ayub


Jul 95

Union or Utility: A Response to Question of the Marriages of the Prophet (sws)

Muhammad Al-Mureed

Jan 99

Bowing Down in Martial Arts 

Shehzad Saleem

Feb 99

Slaughtering and Takbir


Jun 99

No Jihad Without the State 


Aug 99

Repeated Grave Sins

Asif Iftikhar

Oct 99

Zakah to Non-Muslims

Shehzad Saleem

Nov 99

Distance for Shortening of Prayers


Dec 99

No Jihad without the State


Jul 2000

Philosophy of Some Hajj Rituals

Dr. Rizwan Haider

Sep 2000


Shehzad Saleem

Dec 2000

Women Outnumbering Men in Hell!


Jan 2001

Understanding the Qur’an: A Fundamental Premise


Mar 2001

Fate of Non-Muslims


Apr 2001

Telephonic Marriage


Jul 2001

The Gender of God


Aug 2001

Purpose of the Hijab


Sep 2001

Toleration of Lewdness by the Prophet (sws) 


Nov 2001

Explanation regarding Surah Fil


May 2002

The Philosophy of Mahr


Jul 2002

Women as Head of State


Aug 2002

The Return of Jesus (sws)


Nov 2002

Prohibition of Music


Aug 2003

Rights of the In-Laws

Jhangeer Hanif


Whither Jihad?


Oct 2003

Influence of a Tablighi

Siddiq Bukhary

Jun 2004

Innate Guidance regarding Edibles

Jhangeer Hanif

Sep 2004

The Second Coming of Jesus (sws)

Tariq Hashmi

Nov 2004

Difference between the Hadith and Sunnah


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