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Born in Patiala (India) in 1935, Abdus Sattar Ghauri migrated to Pakistan in 1947 and taught for several years after he completed his MA (Islamic Studies) and M Phil (EPM). He remained a member of the National Curriculum Development Committee set up by the Ministry of Education of the government of Pakistan. He participated in many seminars and Master Trainers Workshops as a resource person throughout Pakistan.


Books Authored

1. Muhammad Foretold in the Bible by Name

2. The Only Son Offered for Sacrifice: Isaac or Ishmael?


Books Co-Authored

1. Seven textbooks on Islamic Studies for elementary and secondary classes as sole compulsory textbooks throughout Pakistani schools for the last many years.

2. Three compulsory textbooks on Lughat al-Qur’ān (Language of the Qur’ān) for Classes 6, 7, 8.

3. Urdu textbook for C. T.

4. Uswah-i Hasanah (Sīrah Studies) for Azad Kashmir.


Research Articles

1. Emmanuel of the Bible

2. Original Sin or Purity

3. Barnabas, His Gospel and Its Credibility

4. Beersheba: the “Well of Seven” or the “Well of Zamzam”

5. The Text of the Bible & Some Types of Corruption in it.

6. Recording of the Vowel (Diacritic) Signs to the Text of the Old Testament.

7. Did Muhammad Learn Apostleship from the Christian Monk Buhayra?

9. Muhammad Foretold in the Old Testament (The Prophet Like unto Moses)

10. A Clear-cut Prophecy Regarding the Prophet of Islām in the “Assumption of Moses”


Books Edited:

1.      Hagar the Princess

2.      Israelites versus other Nations

3.      The Glorious Names of Allah


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