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Islamic Punishments
Section II: Queries
Azeem Ayub


Jan 97

The Punishment for Spilling Acid on Someone

Shehzad Saleem

Mar-Apr 98

“Woman for a Woman”


May-Jun 98

Relaxation in Islamic Punishments


Jul-Aug 98

The Punishment of “Sleeping Together”


Mar 2000

A Misconception about Islamic Punishments


Sep 2000

Misusing the Qisas Law


Apr 2001

Confessing Extramarital Relations


Aug 2001

Stealing in Retaliation


Dec 2001

Unjust Punishment in the Grave?


Feb 2002

Why are Islamic Punishments so Severe?


Nov 2002

Transplant of a Thief’s Amputated Hand


Apr 2003

Objections on Islamic Punishments

Tariq Hashmi

Jun 2003

The Punishment of Theft

Adnan Zulfiqar

Jul 2003

Rights of the Spouse’s Parents

Jhangeer Hanif


Reporting Sexual Misdemeanors


Sep 2003

Is Blasphemy Punishable by Death?


Mar 2004

Is refraining from Retaliation a Virtue?

Ameer Hamza

May 2004

The Jail Punishment

Siddiq Bukhary

Dec 2004

Assassination of Ka‘ab Ibn Ashraf

Tariq Hashmi

Mar 2005

Hands amputated by the Prophet (sws)


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