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Section I: Articles
Azeem Ayub


Apr 91

Reason and Revelation

Moiz Amjad

Jul 91

Rationality of the Qur’an

Shehzad Saleem

Apr 92

The Qur’an and the Prophecies of Nostradamus

Dr. Khalid Zaheer

Apr 95

Some Logical  Fallacies dealt with in the Qur’an 

Dr. Mustansir Mir

May 95

Arrangement of the Qur’an 

Naveed Ahmad

Jan 96

Huroof-i-Muqatta`att: Farahi's Theory 

Shehzad Saleem

Apr 96

The Art of Interpretation

Asif Iftikhar

Jul-Aug 96

Relationship of Divine Law with Human Intellect 

Dr. Khalid Zaheer

Jul-Aug 97

Huruf-i-Muqatta‘at: Farahi’s Theory

Shehzad Saleem

Jul-Aug 98

Rationality of the Qur’an


Sep-Oct 98

The Qur’anic Law of Guidance

Dr. Khalid Zaheer

Jan 99

Qur’an: The Primary Source of Islam 


Mar 99

The Importance of Classical Arabic

Javed Ahmad Ghamidi/
(Tr. by Asif Iftikhar)


The Qur’an holds the Answer

Akbar S. Ahmed

Aug 99

Is the Qur’an a Shapeless Book?

Dr. Mustansir Mir

Oct 99

Understanding the Qur’an: Some Initial Conditions 

Amin Ahsan Islahi/
(Tr. by Abdul Rahim Afaki)

Jan 2000

Study of the Qur’an

Dr. Mustansir Mir

Feb 2000

Collection and Transmission of the Qur’an

Shehzad Saleem

Mar 2000

The Qur’an and Pre-Islamic Arabic

Ibn Jarir Tabari/
(Tr. by Dr. Mustansir Mir)

Apr 2000

Does the Qur’an Contain Non-Arabic Vocabulary?


May 2000

The Qur’an as Literature

Dr. Mustansir Mir

Jul 2000

The Qur’an Oaths : Farahi’s Interpretation


Aug 2000

The Amazing Qur’an

Gary Miller

Sep 2000

Pondering on the Qur’an

Harun Yahya

Nov 2000

Understanding the Qur’an: A Fundamental Premise

Shehzad Saleem

Aug 2001

The Man Conceived by the Holy Qur’an

Kamran Bashir

Feb 2002

The Qur’anic Concept of Success

Razi Allah Lone

May 2002

Understanding the Qur’an Internet Course

The Executive Council Al-Mawrid’

Jul 2002

Abrogation in the Qur’an

Tariq Hashmi

Jan 2003

Occasion of Revelation

Hamid Uddin Farahi/
(Tr. by Tariq Hashmi)

Feb 2003

The Book of Life

Waheed Uddin Khan/
(Tr. by Tariq Hashmi)

Apr 2003

Usage of some Qur’anic Terms (1)

Amin Ahsan Islahi/
(Tr. by Tariq Hashmi)

May 2003

The Qur’anic Term ‘Indhar’

Tariq Hashmi

Aug 2003

Reason and Revelation

Shehzad Saleem

Apr 2004

Magic and Revelation

Tariq Hashmi


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