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Social Issues
Section I: Articles
Azeem Ayub


Aug 91

The Role of our Mass Media

Javed Ahmad Ghamidi/
(Tr. by Shehzad Saleem)

Oct 91

The Condemnation of Slavery in Islam

Shehzad Saleem

Dec 92

The Standard of Living of a Muslim


Sep 93

The Social Etiquette of Islam


Oct 93

On Birthdays


Nov 93

Marriage with Jewish and Christian Women


Feb 94

Polygamy in Islam


Nov 94

Islam and the Fine Arts


Dec 94

The Islamic Concept of Hijab


Jan-Feb 95

The Qur'anic Concept of Divorce


Mar 95

The Condemnation of Slavery by Islam 


Apr 95

Marriages of the Prophet (sws) 


May 95

The Institution of Family 


Aug-Sep 95

The Male Female Relationship

Muhammad Al-Mureed

Dec 95

The Status of Women in Islam 

Gamal A. Badawi

Feb 96


Asif Iftikhar

Jul-Aug 96

Parental Consent in Marriage 

Shehzad Saleem

Dec 96

Wali’s Consent in Marriage 

Asif Iftikhar


Parental Consent in Marriage 

Shehzad Saleem

Mar-Apr 97

The Question of Photography

Dr. Khalid Zaheer

Jul-Aug 97

Women and Capital Punishment 

Moiz Amjad/
(Tr. by Amar Ellahi Lone)

Sep-Oct 97

The Concept of Equality Between Man and Woman 

Amin Ahsan Islahi/
(Tr. by Amar Ellahi Lone)

Apr 2000

The Dilemma of Homeless Muslim Women and Children in the USA 

Michelle al-Nasr

Aug 2000

A Sister’s Dilemma: College or Family

Tasneem Jennifer Crooker

Sep 2000

Women’s Rights: Two Extremes

Dr. Khalid Zaheer


The Status of Women in Morocco 

Leila Raffin

Jul 2001

Gender Perspective in the UN Document on the Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing: An Analysis of Platform for Action

Dr. Zeenath Kausar

Sep 2001

Some Notes on Muslims in Canada and the US

M. Darrol Bryant

Jul 2002

The Law of Evidence

Javed Ahmad Ghamidi/
(Tr. by Shehzad Saleem)

Nov 2002

Norms of Gender Interaction


Jan 2003

Rights of Parents


Feb 2003

Rights of Orphans


Apr 2003




Experiencing Jinn

Dr. Khalid Zaheer

May 2003

Rights and Obligations of the Spouses

Javed Ahmad Ghamidi/
(Tr. by Shehzad Saleem)

Jun 2003



Jul 2003

Etiquette of Sexual Intimacy


Aug 2003

Pre-requisites of Nikah (Marriage)


Sep 2003

Directives relating to Widows


Oct 2003

The Social Law of Islam: Basic Principle


Nov 2003

Our Unwanted Daughters of the East

Dr. Sa‘ad B Malik

Dec 2003

Relations Prohibited for Marriage

Javed Ahmad Ghamidi/
(Tr. by Shehzad Saleem)

Jan 2004



Mar 2004

The Social Directives of Islam: Distinctive Aspects of Ghamidi’s Interpretation

Shehzad Saleem

Jun 2004

Family Life in Islam


Jul 2004

Half of a Man!

Arslan Akhter

Feb 2005

Islam and Women

Shehzad Saleem

Mar 2005

The Islamic Stance on Music: Ghamidi's View (1)

Manzoor ul Hassan/
by Tariq Hashmi)

Apr 2005

Prophetic Sayings on Music


May 2005

Evil Aspects of Music


Aug 2005

Whither Homosexuality?

Junaid bin Jahangir

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