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Section I: Articles
Azeem Ayub


Jun 95

The Dead Sea Scrolls 

Dr. Hassan Uddin

Feb 96

Sermon on the Mount 

St. Mathew

Apr 96

Jesus Sendeth Forth the Apostles 


May-Jun 96

The Book of Psalms 

The Bible, King James Version

Sep 96

The Book of Psalms


Oct 96

An Examination of the Doctrine of Inerrancy of  Biblical Scriptures

Nadir Aqeel

Jul-Aug 97

Barnabas, His Gospel, and its Credibility

Abdus Sattar Ghauri

Nov-Dec 97

‘Barnabas, His Gospel, and its Credibility (II)


Jul-Aug 98

Corruption in the Bible: The Muslim Stance

Moiz Amjad

Mar 99

Birth of Jesus in the Gospels and in the Qur’an


Sep 99

Immanuel of the Bible: Is it a Prediction for Jesus (sws)? (I)

Abdus Sattar Ghauri

Oct 99

Immanuel of the Bible:  Is it a Prediction for Jesus (sws)? (II)


Jun 2000

Christian Theology and the Bible

Nadir Aqeel

Jul 2000

Judging the Authenticity of Biblical Literature


Dec 2000

 Difference between the Bible and the Qur’an

Dr. Gary Miller


From Biblical to General Hermeneutics:  A Historical-Thematic Development

Abdul Rahim Afaki

Apr 2002

Sermon on the Mount 

St. Matthew

Jan 2003

The Injil (Gospel): Imam Farahi’s Viewpoint 

Altaf Ahmad Azami/
(Tr. by Razi Allah Lone)

Aug 2003

Some Types of Corruption in  the Text of the New Testament

Abdus Sattar Ghauri

Nov 2003

Some Types of Corruption in the Text of the Old Testament


Dec 2003

A Clear cut Prophecy regarding  the Prophet of Islam in ‘Assumption of Moses’


Jan 2004

Original Sin or Purity (Innocence)


Feb 2004

Muhammad (sws) foretold in the Old Testament (The Prophet Unto Like Moses)


Jun 2004

The Gospel of Barnabas


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