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Analysis of Sūrah Qāf
Qur'anic Exegesis
Amin Ahsan Islahi
(Tr. by:Dr. Shehzad Saleem)

Analysis of Sūrah Qāf

With Sūrah Qāf begins the sixth group of the Qur’ān. The central theme of this group is the Hereafter. In this particular sūrah, various arguments have been cited to prove that the Day of Judgement is certain to come. The sūrah can be distinctly divided into the following seven sections:

Section I (1-5)

The grandeur and magnificence of the Qur’ān bear witness that it is the word of Allah. Those who are regarding it the work of a poet or a soothsayer are merely doing so as an excuse to deny the Day of Judgement. They are actually confounded by the fact that someone from amongst themselves is warning them: that after they die and become dust, they would be returned to life again. This according to them is very unlikely. Actually pride and vanity have led them to reject the Qur’ān and owing to this reason they are calling it a work of poetry and soothsaying. Their denial is baseless and as they have denied the truth, they are in an acute state of mental confusion and obvious contradiction. They should be aware of the fact that even what the earth consumes of their bodies is in the knowledge of Allah and with Him is a register which records all what they say and do.

Section II (6-11)

A reference is made to the signs of the heavens and the earth which bear evidence to the Day of Judgement and to the reward and punishment that shall be given on that Day as well as to the belief of Tauheed (monotheism). These signs testify to the power and wisdom of the Almighty and to the various means of sustenance He has created for mankind. These signs are meant to remind and caution man.

Section III (12-14)

The Quraysh have been warned that they should not deny the truth because of pride and prejudice. Many nations before them who were guilty of this crime were totally destroyed, and if they continue with this attitude, their fate would be no different.

Section IV (15-18)

The Almighty’s attributes of Knowledge and Creation which prove the certainty of the Day of Judgement are alluded to and a reference is also made to the arrangement He has made for the security and protection of the records of all the deeds and utterances of mankind.

Section V (19-35)

A vivid description of the Day of Judgement is drawn: The details of the dreadful fate the disbelievers shall encounter and the good fate the believers shall meet have been highlighted.

Section VI (36-37)

The Quraysh have again been warned that they must not be overcome by the pride of the power they possess and must not vainly reckon that their glory and grandeur are eternal: Many other nations, who had much more power and splendour were destroyed at the very height of their dominance and authority; they could not even find any room in the vastness of the earth to hide from the ruthless law of retribution. Indeed, in the account of these nations is a lesson for people who are sensitive and who earnestly give ear.

Section VII (38-45)

The Prophet (sws) has been urged to persevere and to persist in the cause of truth, and seek perseverance from Allah with the help of prayers. He has been told to defer the matter of the disbelievers to the Day of Judgement, which is certain to come; when the Almighty Himself shall take account of their deeds. Furthermore, he has been assured that his only responsibility is to warn them of this Day; to make them accept faith is not his responsibility. He should only admonish everyone who fears Allah by this Qur’ān, and to leave the matter of those who make of fun it to the Almighty.

(Translated from Islahi’s “Tadabbur-i-Qur’ān”) ---Shehzad Saleem

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