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Section I: Articles
Azeem Ayub


Jan 91

“..but some animals are more equal than others”

Asif Iftikhart

May 91

No ‘ology’ like Etymology


Jan 96

`...but some animals are more equal than others’


May-Jun 98

 The Buhayra Monk Incident

Abdus Sattar Ghauri

Sep-Oct 98

CA-15 and Love Laws

Asif Iftikhar

Nov-Dec 98

Some Popular Misconceptions of the Muslims 

Dr. Khalid Zaheer

Mar 99

Quick or Slow Creation? 

Moiz Amjad

Apr 99

Where is Allah? 


Jan 2000

How Merciful is Allah?


Apr 2000

Is Evil from Satan, Ourselves or from Allah?


May 2000

Can the Slander of Chaste Women be Forgiven?


Jun 2000

Inquiry in Paradise


Jul 2000

What was Man Created From?


Aug 2000

The Event of the Worship of the Golden Calf


Feb 2001

The Infinite Loop Problem


Mar 2001

Did Abraham (sws) Smash the Idols?


Apr 2001

Wine – Good or Bad?


May 2001

Is the Qur’an Clear or Incomprehensible?


Jun 2001

Will Christians enter Paradise or go to Hell?


Jul 2001

Abrogation and the Unalterable Word of God


Aug 2001

Who is the Father of Jesus (sws)?


Sep 2001

Marrying the Wives of Adopted Sons


Oct 2001

The Position of Jesus (sws) in the Hereafter


Nov 2001

Could Allah have a Son? 


Dec 2001

Solomon (sws) Listening to Ants


Feb 2002

Can Angels Disobey?


Apr 2002

Do the Errors in the Bible Disprove the Divinity of the Qur’an?


May 2002

What is the Punishment for Adultery?


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